Agricultural Reform Implementation Project

Agricultural Reform Implementation Project
Country: Turkey
Year(Start): 2000
Year(End): 2001
Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
Financed By: World Bank
Total Consultancy: 48 person/months

Within the framework of the preparation phase of this project, AGRIN has provided administrative support for the consultancy services of three components of the project. These are;

Support to Project Coordination Unit (PCU) which is established within the Undersecretariat of Treasury. AGRIN has provided support for the provision of a financial manager, system operator, system engineer and a procurement specialist.

Restructuring of Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Unions (ASCUs): AGRIN has provided technical assistance support for developing a “Restructuring Framework” for 16 ASCUs and to guide and assist them in preparing their Restructuring Plans.

Pilot Project for Direct Income Support to Farmers and Establishment of a Farmer Registration system: AGRIN has provided administrative support for the implementation of a pilot project which was the first step of the Agricultural Reform Implementation Program. This is a unified national program of direct income support which aimed to improve the access to poorer farmers by supporting their budget and creating new income generation opportunities by improved incentives.

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