International Cooperations

Agrin has experienced close relations and/or working cooperation with highly recognized international organizations, institutions, universities, consulting firms and NGOs, for the provision of consultancy and/or training services required under various internationally financed projects.

Some of these organisations are;

International Organizations:

- EU
- World Bank

International Institutions:

- United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),U.S.A.
- International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), U.S.A
- International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), France
- International Agriculture Center (IAC), The Netherlands
- World Commission on Dams


- University of Florida, U.S.A
- University of Nebraska, U.S.A
- University of Missouri-Columbia, U.S.A
- University of Arizona, U.S.A
- University of Reading, U.K.
- University of Bradford, U.K.
- Cranfield University, U.K.
- Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands
- Lincoln University, New Zealand
- University of Sussex (International Development Studies), U.K.
- Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany


- MOVIESE, The Netherlands

Consulting Firms:

- Chemonics Inc., U.S.A
- MacAllister and Partners, U.K.
- SOFRECO, France
- EUCC - The Coastal Union, The Netherlands
- DHV, The Netherlands
- Megapesca, Portugal
- ASPI Consulting Services, Azerbaijan
- IAK, Germany
- AFC, Germany
- MPR, Germany
- DAAS, Denmark
- Ramboll, Denmark
- Nippon Giken, Japan
- Eurecna, Italy
- AgriConsulting S.p.A, Italy
- Agrer, Belgium
- Lincoln International Ltd, New Zealand
- Agriconsulting S.A., Belgium
- Niras IC.SP., Poland
- Agrotec, Italy
- Agreco, Belgium
- Atout France, France
- Pearson, U.K.
- Exemplas, U.K.
- Sfere, France
- HDC, U.K.
- EPRD, Poland
- Egis, France
- AHT Group, Germany
- Conseil Sante, France
- GOPA, Germany
- Vialto, Hungary