Agricultural Research Project

Agricultural Research Project
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Agricultural Research Project Agricultural Research Project Agricultural Research Project Agricultural Research Project Agricultural Research Project Agricultural Research Project Agricultural Research Project
Country: Turkey
Year(Start): 1993
Year(End): 2001
Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), Ministry of Forestry, (MOF), General Directorate o
Financed By: World Bank
Total Consultancy: 200 person/months

AGRIN was involved in this project as a joint-venture partner with Lincoln Int. Ltd of New Zealand. Project objectives are to strengthen the research capabilities of agriculture, forestry, soil and water research institutes, through setting priority national research programs, including farmers research systems. Major consultancy inputs provided for institutional strengthening are; preparation of a research master plans, farming system research, livestock research, crops research, integrated pest management, forestry research, soil and water research, and MIS. AGRIN was also responsible for overall coordination of the consultancy activities (more than 200 staff month) of the project.
Under this project AGRIN played a key role for the establishment of the Agricultural Economic Research Institute (AERI), in 1996. After the establishment of AERI, AGRIN has regularly provided local experts to the institute on different economic issues.
Consultancy services and/or training provided by AGRIN experts for different “project implementing agencies” is given below with their major topics.
General Directorate of Rural Services

  • Measuring Sediment Productivity and Evaluation in Pond-catchment areas
  • Training Programme on Soil and Water Conservation
  • Planning of Erzurum Lysimeter Systems and Determination of Setting up and Management
  • Performance Evaluation of Springler Irrigation Systems Used in Konya-Ilgın Plateu
  • Determination of Structural and Socio-economic Changes in Agricultural  Production as a Result of Development of Irrigation in Şanlıurfa
  • Irrigation Area I and Potential Problems, Identification of Socio-economic Factors Related to Adoption
  • Determination of the Efficiency of Doğanhisar Yazlıca Irrigation Pond,
  • Irrigation Network and Research Programme for Improving Water and Salinity Management in Konya
  • Utilisation of Computer Models in Irrigation Planning and Water Consumption of Plants
  • Quantity of Sediment, Which Moves With Wind and Distribution of its Height by Years in Karapinar Erosion Area.
  • Training Programme for Land Utilisation Planning
  • Determination of Safety Limits for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
  • Development of Agricultural Field Crop Production and Mechanisation Planning Models;
  • Determination of Safety Limits and Their Evaluation for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Used in Tokat, Amasya, Sivas and Yozgat Region
  • Floristic and Phytosociologistic Research of Natural Rangelands and Determination of Conservation Effects on Vegetation in Tokat Area
  • Determination of Effects of Holophitic Plants on Vegetation in Amasya, Sivas and Tokat Area
  • Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Utilisation and Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Planning of Watershed and Land Management in Soil and Water Research Institute of General Directorate of Rural Services.
  • Land Utilisation Planning
  • Management Information System
  • Springler Irrigation System in Eskişehir; Circumstances and Irrigation Planning for Tomatoe
  • Storing Solar Energy for Glasshouse Heating
  • Planning for Irrigation Schedule for Tomatoe and Dry Beans in New Technologies
  • Preparation of National Action plan for Soil & Water Resources

General Directorate of Agricultural Research

  • Research Management Information Systems
  • Preparation of a Report on Horticultural Sector in Turkey
  • Establishment of a Wool Laboratory at Lalahan Livestock Institute.

Ministry of Forestry

  • Exploration of Fırtına Valley (East Black Sea) and its Environs From the Natural Resource Management Point of View.
  • Studies on Improvement of Rangelands in Burdur-Kemer Region.
  • Fixation of Natural Flora on Erosion Fields and Determination of Ecological Peculiarity of Region in Central Anatolia zone.
  • Determination of Vegetative Propagation Methods for Alder (Alnus glutinosa) Found in East Black Sea Region as Native Species.
  • Investigations on the Silviculture Maintenance Techniques on the Maritime Pine Plantations Established on the Coalmine Extracted Sites
  • Investigation on the Determination of Techniques, Standard Times and Standard Cost for Pruning and Pulling Out the Roots of Poplar Trees After Harvesting
  • Adaptation of Poplar and Willow Clones in Lakes District and Using Possibilities in Particle-Board Industry.
  • A Study of Remote Sensing Inventory of Poplar Plantation Areas in Adapazarı and Düzce Regions of Turkey
  • Planning and Settling the Management Principles of Forest Resources for Improving Water Yields in Yuvacık Dam Watershed, İzmit
  • Air Pollution and Its Effects on Plantation Areas in Istanbul
  • Oaks’ Natural Regeneration at the Pinus Nigra-Oaks and Fangus Orientalis-Natural Stands
  • A Study of Yields and Growing in Pinus Pinaster Ait. Plantations
  • Regeneration of Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich) by Seeding Method in Its Natural Distribution Areas at the Backwards of the Taurus Mountains

Agricultural Economics Research Institute

  • Income and Cost Calculation Methodology for Agricultural Products and Database Manual
  • An Examination of Agricultural Policy Reform in Turkey, Using the Turkish Agricultural Sector Model
  • Premium Systems in Turkish Agriculture and Analysis
  • Situation and Outlook Reports for Cotton in Turkey
  • Situtation and Outlook Reports for Wheat in Turkey
  • Situtation and Outlook Reports for Oil Seeds in Turkey
  • Situation and Outlook Reports for Livestock products and Feeds and Alternative Policy Scenarios for Turkey
  • Estimation of Potential Demand for Organically Produced Agricultural Products
  • Contract Farming Within Market Integration of Agriculture in Turkey
  • Household Preferences and Varetial Choice Decisions in Turkey: Implications for Wheat Production, On-Farm Conservation of Wheat Genetic Resources, and Income Distribution in Eskişehir, Kütahya, Sivas, Kayseri, Malatya ve Erzurum Provinces
  • Assessing the Sustainable Competitiveness of the Turkish Fruit Vegetable Processing Industry
  • The Economic Analysis of Hazelnut Market: Optimum Policy Design for Turkey
  • The Effects of Transfers to Agriculture on the Rate of Inflation in Turkey: a Causulty Research
  • Evaluation of the Effects of Privatization in Turkish Agriculture
  • Improvement Methods for Pricing Schemes for Water and the Fuctioning of Water Users Associations in Turkey
  • Methodology for Income and Cost Calculation for Agricultural Products and Database Guidelines
  • Research on Fisheries Sector in Turkey: Production, Demand and Marketing
  • Impacts of EU Quality and Hygene Standards on the Competitiveness of Turkish Food Sector
  • Development of Plans for Purchase of Products and Preparing Financial Analysis for Agricultural Sale Cooperatives.
  • Pesticide Use in Turkish Agriculture; Inefficiency, Issues and the Impact of Alternative Regulation
  • Economic Analysis of Alternative Pricing Schemes for Water and the Functioning of Irrigation Schemes.
  • Contract Farming within Market Integration of Agriculture in Turkey and its Impacts on Sustainable Resource Use and Producer Income.
  • Rapid Social Assessment of Tobacco, Sugar Beet and Tea farmers
  • Controlling Tobacco Supply in Turkey and its Economic Impacts
  • Institutional Restructuring Requirement for the Improvement of Dairy Marketing System in Turkey.
  • Identification of Potential Demand and Financial Availability of Area Based Index Insurance for the Selected Regions of Turkey.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Pilot Project for the Implementation of Direct Support System to Farmers and Establishment of a Registration System.
  • Establishment of the Accounting System of the Institute
  • Construction of the Web Site of the Institute
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