Animal Husbandry Project

Animal Husbandry Project
Country: Northern Part of Cyprus
Year(Start): 2008
Year(End): 2012
Client: The European Union
Financed By: The European Union
Total Consultancy: 48 persons/month

The  project aimed to improve the hygiene and sustainability of livestock production through a combination of activities to strengthen both the provision of animal husbandry farm advisory services and veterinary services, as well as to inform and guide stakeholders through;

  • Training local experts in the provision of animal husbandry advice to farmers;
  • Providing animal husbandry advisory services directly to farmers;
  • Developing the capacity of the veterinarians and support staff;
  • Assisting in the improvement of services provided by veterinarian laboratories;
  • Providing support to rural development planning, with respect to animal husbandry.

Improving public awareness on the importance of healthy food, food safety and of diseases transmitted from animals to humans (zoonoses).
Agrin was contributing to the following project activities by providing 1 key expert and short term experts on relevant subjects.

  • To train local experts and extension advisors to improve the advice given to farmers on modern animal husbandry techniques, with a particular emphasis on improving on-farm hygiene and animal health by;
  • Training farmers on all aspects of animal husbandry, but in particular those relating to on-farm hygiene and animal health;
  • Advising farmers on the importance of animal health and welfare;
  • To train veterinarians in diagnosis of farm animal diseases, particularly those relating to reproduction, mastitis, disease of the claw, notifiable diseases and diseases in calves of the OIE listed diseases with emphasis on brucellosis, tuberculosis and echinococcosis/ hydatidosis;
  • To upgrade laboratory and to train technicians in modern techniques of analysis and documentation of result (laboratory management);
  • To reduce prevalence of animal diseases; eradicate brucellosis and tuberculosis in cattle; eradication of brucellosis and Maedi Visna in goats and sheep and eradication of echinococcosis/ hydatidosis.
  • Coherence and complementarily between the Rural Development Plan, calls for proposals and the activities of the present service tender;
  • To inform general public on food hygiene and furthermore to inform rural communities public on issues.
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