Information Campaigning for the Community Scholarship Scheme

Information Campaigning for the Community Scholarship Scheme
Country: Northern Part of Cyprus
Year(Start): 2008
Year(End): 2009
Client: Agriconsulting Europe S.A.
Financed By: The European Union
Total Consultancy: 60 person/days

The global objective of this Project is to bring the Turkish Cypriot Community closer to the European Union through Community scholarships. Under this Project Turkish Cypriot students and teachers are awarded grants to spend up to one academic year in a university in one of the Member States, offering them additional educational opportunities to raise their knowledge in a technical field.

The Project supports ‘’awareness on the community scholarships programme, encouraging participation through information campaign for the potential beneficiaries of the Grant Scheme( students and teachers)’’.

Under this project Agrin provided a key expert to achieve following services.

Major services provided are:

-    To conduct initial study (through focus groups) in order to determine the best information channels for students and for teachers
-    To develop an information strategy and a work plan
-    To contact grantees of the 2007/2008 programme and acquire their experiences
-    Organization of information sessions with the potential beneficiaries, production and dissemination of information material
-    To evaluate the information campaign and the programme in general at the end of the first year and to adopt the second year’s campaign
-    To carry out a final evaluation of the information campaign and the programme and to prepare a final report.

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