Second Basic Education Project

Second Basic Education Project
Country: Turkey
Year(Start): 2007
Year(End): 2007
Client: The Ministry of National Education, Projects Coordination Center
Financed By: World Bank
Total Consultancy: 7 persons/month

AGRIN carried out the design, sampling administration and management of this nation wide beneficiary evaluation survey in 12 provinces for the purpose of assessing the programme impact,   through quantitative surveys which are briefly explained below.

1. Quantitative survey was conducted with 1702 target group members (headmasters of schools, parents of students, special needs education teachers, regular teachers and students)  interviews in 12 provinces; to assess, analyze and report on following key issues.

2. Qualitative survey was conducted through in-depth interviews with directors of education authorities at provincial level to obtain first hand qualitative data about education coverage, improvement quality of education of low income and disadvantaged students, as well positive and negative changes and if those changes would happen without the project.

Experts provided;
•    Assistant project manager
•    2 Statisticians
•    2 Education Experts
•    2 Qualitative Survey Experts

The final report provided input for the recently initiated “Secondary School Education Project”, on “lessons learned” from the Basic Education Project.

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