CROP Husbandry Project

CROP Husbandry Project
Country: Northern Part of Cyprus
Year(Start): 2008
Client: The European Union
Financed By: The European Union
Total Consultancy: 144 persons/month

Crop Husbandry Project aims; to reduce significantly the amount of water applied per crop and maximise water use efficiency for fruit, vegetable and field crops to overcome   scarcity and salinity of water; to improve economic viability of crops under irrigation and dry farming in order to increase farmers’ welfare; to design production system according to market needs ; to perform all the activities in an interactive way with the involvement of key partners (public and private).

Agrin is contributing to the following project activities by providing 3 key expert and short term experts on relevant subjects.

  • To provide free advice directly to farmers on fruit, vegetable and forage crops through training, extension and demonstrations.
  • To train fruit, vegetable, forage husbandry experts on Good Agriculture Practices.
  • To support research and development for fruit, vegetable and forage crops within existing institutions and on farm trials in close collaboration with farmers.
  • To generate accurate information for Good Agriculture Practices by; upgrading meteorological stations and upgrading soil and water labs.
  • To support the improvement of irrigation schemes and water management in order to maximise the efficiency of water use.
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