Tuz (Salt) Lake Integrated Environmental Project

Tuz (Salt) Lake Integrated Environmental Project
Country: Turkey
Year(Start): 2001
Year(End): 2001
Client: MAT Consulting
Financed By: Spanish Government
Total Consultancy: 1 person/months

Tuz (Salt) Lake is the second biggest lake of Turkey with an area of 1,600km2 Recently, The lake and its basin (approximately 25,000 km2) has been identified as a “Special Protection Area” by the Government of Turkey. A consortium consisting of a Turkish and Spanish firm have undertaken a feasibility study to assess the ecology, hydrology, land use, agriculture, irrigation, regional planning, etc. aspects of the area, which would finally lead to preparation of sub-projects to improve the environment. AGRIN has provided a 1 staff /month expertise for the consortium, to assess the status of agriculture and irrigation schemes within or near the Salt Lake sub-basin.

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