Fisheries Marketing Study, under Agro-Industry Project

Fisheries Marketing Study, under Agro-Industry Project
Country: Turkey
Year(Start): 1994
Year(End): 1995
Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA)
Financed By: World Bank
Total Consultancy: 27 person/months

The study was carried out under the “Agro-industry Project” of Turkey. AGRIN was involved in this study together with two British Consulting firms, Mc. Alister Elliot&Ptr. And Landell Mills. One of the responsibilities of AGRIN was to carry out the local coordination for the study and to provide local consultants.
The objectives of the study were:
(i)an economic appraisal of the fish production, processing and distributive systems within Turkey to assess the efficiency of the industry,
(ii)an appraisal of consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours with respect to fish purchase and consumption in Turkey,
(iii)technical evaluation of physical and institutional infrastructure (both commercial and governmental) necessary to maintain effective fish processing and distribution sectors, as well as integration with EU directives 91/492/EEC and 91/293/EEC, and
(iv)an appraisal of export marketing activities and procedures in Turkey, and relation to opportunities identified by additional in-depth study of key export markets defined by country and region (European Countries, Middle East and Japan).

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