Sivas – Erzincan Development Project, Formulation Mission

Sivas – Erzincan Development Project, Formulation Mission
Country: Turkey
Year(Start): 2002
Year(End): 2002
Client: IFAD
Financed By: IFAD
Total Consultancy: 1 person/months

Basing on the two previous need assessment studies carried out for IFAD by AGRIN in Sivas, Kars, Agrı and Erzincan provinces, IFAD and government of Turkey have decided to implement a development project in Sivas and Erzincan. The purpose of the project formulation mission was to review the current status and trends, identify priority problems and constraints facing the project target groups, propose means of alleviating these constraints and estimate the cost and benefits of proposed project activities.
The overall task of the mission was to elaborate proposals for poverty alleviation in Sivas-Erzincan that are consistent with the area's resource endowments and the priorities of targeted communities.
For this mission, Agrin has provided a short term Institutions / Management Specialist who was responsible to propose and prepare the organization and management aspects of the project.

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